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Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

What's better than a canvas painting? It's a beautiful form of art that you can vary rarely beat! These amazing paintings have an extra special feature though; all of them are signed!

Possibly my favorite piece in a long time, this canvas painting signed by Victor Ball has absolutely beautiful colours in it! The way the sun rise reflects on the water and lights up the sky, you can almost hear the birds chirping as they wake up to this beautiful scene he captured!

This is quite a smaller piece with just as much, if not more details painted into it as some canvas paintings ten times it's size. This beautiful scene of a sun setting behind a mountain was painted and signed by a California artist, Kramer.

If you tend to look at life through rose coloured glasses this painting may be for you! With a literal rose tint, this scene looks like it was painted straight from a dream!

These gorgeous painting are both signed, but for the life of me I can't decipher the names! They could be from small collections or even worth millions, think of the possibilities!

This last painting has some extremely intricate details painted on by H. Hargrove. Some of Hargrove's works have even been sold for up to $12,000! This piece is going for $60, come in quick for this great deal! It won't stay long!

Happy Friday everyone! Have a safe weekend!

*Disclaimer, the title is in reference to the song by Stevie Wonder. These items are signed by the original artists, but our store does not deliver.

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