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Just the trinkets your kitchen has been dreaming of.

Here at Cape Coral Community Partners Thrift store we supply a vast collection of goodies that we are know you will love!

Have you ever woken up with a song in your head? We're sure your kitchen has woken up with these cute trinkets in it's metaphorical head!

Here's an adorable dishware set covered with painted sunflowers! I might just have to take these home myself!!

And look at this perfect little crock pot! It is just the right size for one person meals. You can set it up and have a nice bowl of soup or chili when you come home from work, and never have to worry about making more food than you can eat!

Perhaps larger meals are more to your liking? We have a wide assortment of casserole dishes, including these glass hand painted casserole dishes with just a touch of green in the glass.

Speaking of trinkets, these funny looking cups are called jiggers. A must have for every bartender or barista in training!

Above that we have a dangerous looking object, but there is no need to worry, unless you are made of dough. This Alaskan trinket is a dough cutter! Guaranteed to bring out your inner baker!

Come take them home and make your kitchen a happy kitchen today!

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